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Dodo aus Plantain ( = Kochbanane)
these happy plantains will end up in zachy´s kitchen in order to make you happy!

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The first step was to get the happy plantains into the factline office. This happened on November 29. Zachy has a special connection to Lagos where these plantains had been plucked just 2 days ago. Now they will go through the last ripening process in our kitchen and we cannot wait to see them transformed into DODO.

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And this is the recipe:

DODO with rice, African beans and African soup (stew)


1) The number of plantains will depend on the way it is eaten. If it is
eaten alone or with just stew, or with fried eggs, you probably need at
least a whole plantain per person eating. If it is eaten with rice or beans,
then one plantain can probably satisfy two or more people so it is going to
be prepared with rice, African beans and African soup directly at Max

2) A few ripe plantains
(Un-ripe plantains are usually green in color and hard. As they ripen, they
become more yellowish in color and a little softer, and when they are
getting too ripe, they start to have more and more black patches, and they
are really soft).


Some vegetable oil

1) Put oil into a frypan/saucepan, about ½ inch (or about 1½ centimeters)
high, and place on fire on low heat.
2) In a bowl or plate, slice or dice each plantain as follows (I'm assuming
the plantain is lying down, so vertically means cutting along the
circumference, and longitudinally means cutting along the length).
3) For larger slices, slice the plantains either vertically, or diagonally,
so that each slice is about ¼ inch (or about ½ centimeters) thick.
4) For smaller pieces, cut the plantain into two of four parts
longitudinally, and then slice vertically
5) Place the cut pieces into the hot oil, spreading over the bottom of the
6) Turn over when the bottom sides are golden brown in color. (Some people
prefer them more yellowish in color, and some more darker brown...any is
fine because as long as the heat is low, the plantain will be cooked).
7) Let the other side get brown to the same consistency as the first side.
8) Remove using a spatula or large spoon.
9) Ready for eating.

If you need some help to digest this later on, you might want to go to the neighbouring room and have some Russischer Vodka !

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